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File:Battletech cover legendofthejadephoenix.jpgFile:Blassty 3DCG.jpgFile:Blassty 3DCG2.jpg
File:Blassty 3DCG3.jpgFile:Blassty 3DCG4.jpgFile:Blassty Balkan.gif
File:Blassty Bomb.gifFile:Blassty Deformation 2.gifFile:Blassty Gun.gif
File:Blassty Line Art.jpgFile:Blassty Line Art 2.jpgFile:Blassty Missile (Launcher).gif
File:Blassty Shield.gifFile:Blassty Sword.gifFile:CRUISE CHASER BLASSTY for PC-8801 (1986)
File:Cruise Chaser BlasstyFile:Cruise Chaser Blassty.jpgFile:Deformation.gif
File:Elixen.pngFile:Elixen Art.jpgFile:Elixen Art2.jpg
File:Elixen Art3.jpgFile:Elixen Laser Cannon.gifFile:Elixen Transformation.gif
File:Elixen Transformation 2.gifFile:Elixen Wide Laser Cannon.gifFile:Example.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:G Gundam.jpgFile:Getter robo.png
File:Gurren Lagann.pngFile:IdeonStanding.jpgFile:J.png
File:Mazinger Z (1973).pngFile:Mazinkaiser.jpgFile:Overman king gainer1.jpg
File:SNES Longplay 194 XardionFile:Search logo.pngFile:Xardion.png
File:Xardion Action Figure 1.pngFile:Xardion Action Figure 2.pngFile:Xardion Action Figure 3.png
File:Xardion Action Figure 4.pngFile:Xardion Mech.pngFile:【SFC】 超攻合神サーディオン アレンジサウンドトラック
File:グレート☆リュウギーン【登場篇】 30秒

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